Hello from a perfect winter day in the Boat!  It has been snowing here for days, and conditions on the mountain are absolutely prime.  Soft snow, low sun and cold temperatures are adding up for some nice mid-winter skiing here in the Yampa Valley.  The chilly weather kept the mountain pretty quiet this morning, but it is worth braving the cold for some turns today.


It is very cold on the mountain today, single digits up there.  It is very important that you dress correctly for today’s conditions including a face mask!  Other than the cold temps, the sky started out cloudy with some snow, but there is some beautiful blue sky starting to open up and a little bit of sun poking out to warm things up.  It is expected to stay cold all day too, so plan accordingly.


The snow is in absolute perfect mid winter condition right now.  The groomers are incredibly soft, something you can sink a very hard edge into with confidence.  Honestly, the groomers were as good as it gets today with soft and predictable corduroy topped off with a little bit of Champagne Powder.  YOWZA!  And the storms we have had in the last few days have dropped the good stuff, the A+ snow we are known for… that light and fluffy Champagne!  There are tons of fresh tracks to be had in the trees still – and it is deep out there folks.  It seems that Pony and 4 Points have the deepest totals out of the last few days.  The top is always good, but I would keep it below the 4 Points lodge elevation for the best turns today.



It’s a great day to be carving turns in Steamboat, but bundle up!  The bonus of the cold temps is it keeps all that awesome powder stacked high and almost as fluffy as the day it fell.  Tons of turns to be had out there, especially in the trees.  Although a lot of it is “left overs”, the fresh tracks should stay plentiful all day long.  Looks to be a blue bird sunny weekend in the Boat, so the next few days should keep this streak of perfect going strong.

Pick of the day is Royal Flush trees: So many fresh turns left in there, it is like people forgot about it yesterday.  It’s deep, fluffy and not crowded.  What’s not to like?

Have a great day on the mountain!

Kevin Olsen, Alpine skier

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