So you’ve bought your pass, picked up some new gear and are stoked for the season. Now it’s time to get in shape and learn how to prevent injuries.

Skiing and riding on snow are unique in the demands that gravity places on your muscles and joints. It’s one of the reasons that you always get sore the first few days of the season, even if you are pretty fit. Whether you work or are in school or whether you have been traveling or riding all summer, a bit of preparation can go a long way to ensuring you have a great season.

This year, Steamboat Resort is sharing a specific fitness and nutritional program it is using with its employees. Fit for Snow was developed based on cutting edge sports science and was designed specifically for people who spend a lot of time on snow.  It’s being used at resorts all over the world to reduce injuries and enhance performance. According to Fit For Snow, the injury rate for people who use the program is up to 70 percent lower than when the program is not used. It really does work!

Check this blog regularly as Bear will be posting tips throughout the season on how to take your performance to a new level, remain injury free and have the best season you’ve ever had. You’ll find evidence-based information on:

  • Core and Stability Work: The new sports science definition of stability is how far you can be displaced from center and still recover.
  • Nutrition: Did you know that if you stabilize your blood sugar you can improve your reaction time by as much as three-quarters of a second?
  • Lifestyle: Ever wonder how much a night of partying increases your risk of injury? Learn tricks for how to still have fun and reduce that risk.
  • Fitness: Quick workouts you can do anywhere that will punch your fitness for snow sports!


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