I hope you weren’t fooled by the 5 a.m. Snow Report of 5 inches at the summit because it was just plain DEEP up there today!  Now granted, 5 inches of fresh is still a special treat, but it doesn’t quite meet the 6-inch “It’s a Powder Day in the ‘Boat” standard; however, 8 inches fell at mid-mountain so it was still deemed a powder day in the ‘boat, rightfully so.  Putting technicalities aside, it was deep, it was awesome and it was dumping champagne powder in Steamboat this morning!  And for those of you who couldn’t make it up on the mountain, get your powder skis out because tomorrow morning is projected to be even deeper than today!  Check out The Steamboat Daily Snow for more detailed weather information on this awesome winter storm.  


With 8 inches falling on mid-mountain in the past 24 hours, I did something I typically don’t do on a powder day and took a few lower mountain runs to start my day.  Valley View was very tempting, but I chose Vagabond for starters and it quite possibly was the best run I’ve had all season.  Despite low visibility, a groomed slope with 8 inches of champagne powder on top is perfection in my book.  Fast, soft and deep, I floated down Vagabond in a snowy wonderland, interrupted by the occasional “wohoos” and “yeehaws” that are signature on really great powder days in Steamboat.  To give you an idea of how sweet and how deep it was, find the skier in the photo below (or at least where you think the skier might be).  Exactly.


Ted’s Ridge was a little more tracked out by the time I took my second run, but by sticking to the side of the slope I was able to find some untracked, deep, soft turns.  I heard reports of Valley View being amazing too if that was your first run of the day; for me, Valley View was still great as my last run of the day.  Stay away from the middle of the slope and find the deep powder stashes that naturally sit on the sides, that’s how you can enjoy untouched turns on almost every run…  but shhh, don’t tell anyone that little secret!


After a few really awesome lower mountain runs, I headed for Storm Peak, anticipating the snow not to be as deep up top.  Storm Peak held true to its name this morning with cold temps, decent wind gusts, no visibility and pounding snow.  I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time at the top of Storm, instead, dip into the trees to escape the wind and improve visibility; oh, and to find that amazing champagne powder that we all love!


The powder was easily knee-deep in the trees, much deeper than I had anticipated.  I’d imagine some strong winds took a few inches off the 5 a.m. stake because it definitely felt like at least a foot of snow up top.  The trees were deep, sweet, amazing, epic, totally rad… whatever you want to call it, today was a top-notch powder day in the ‘boat!


This is the first big winter storm of 2017, and it sure is starting our new year out right!  Snow is expected to fall throughout the day, through the night and throughout the day tomorrow, totaling up to nearly two feet when it’s all said and done.  Today was amazing, and as crazy as it sounds to say, I anticipate that tomorrow morning will be even more amazing!

Happy powder day, happy Wednesday!

Erin Campbell, snowboarder

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