The storm that moved into Steamboat last night had a lot of energy, but the forecast was unsure and the band of heavy snow could have drifted north or south of the valley. Even though it started out slow last night the stars aligned and we were rewarded with some intense snowfall last night and this morning. The snow report may only say 6″ this morning, but there were closer to 10″ in my driveway and the snow cam at the top of the mountain is nearing a foot. So you know what that means… Powder Day!

From the first turns of the morning you could tell that the new snow was super light Champagne Powder. If we are coming out of a dry spell this can be a bad thing since it leads to the dreaded dust on crust. Things started out a bit warmer last night so fortunately for us, the new snow bonded well to the old stuff and created a nice thick layer of powdery goodness to ride in. All of the runs on the Sundown side of the mountain were riding great this morning whether they were groomed last night or not. You can still hit bottom on some of the mogul runs, but runs like 2 O’clock and West Side were perfect and near bottomless.

After the open runs were getting a little tracked up I switched my attention to the trees. With the heavy wind events that we had this summer, there are going to be a lot more downed trees this year. So be sure to take extra caution in our pine forests until the base gets a little deeper and can fully cover the deadfall. That being said, right now they are still pretty visible and easy to avoid. Some of the deepest turns I had all morning were in Shadows and Closet.

The snow showers should continue for some of the day today and keep things fresh up there for everyone who got a late start. We should see a little sun this afternoon and tomorrow before the next storm moves in on New Years Eve. After a bit of a dry spell, it looks like the faucet has been turned on and we have a good chance at seeing consistent snowfall for several weeks. So get out there and enjoy some socially distant fun for the holidays!