Happy snowy Monday morning. We have five fresh inches since yesterday and light snow is still falling. I’d say that’s a great start to the week.

Riding Sundown with Willy P

It’s a chilly one out there with temperatures in the single digits when I skied down. Brrrr. The winds have picked up some, so wear your extra layers, gaiters and pack those hand and foot warmers.

Two Thirty Trees

This morning was about finding powder stashes where the wind helped fill the runs with white, fluffy goodness. Bright and early, the runs and trees off Tomahawk offered up deeper snow than I expected. For the first run, Westside had a thin layer of powder over a fresh groom, a great warm-up. The visibility varied from run to run and should be changing throughout the day as the storm moves out.

I dipped my tips into Two Thirty Trees, where the snow was definitely deeper than the groomed runs and so light after the rapid drop in temperature. You can feel the bottom a little because of the quick change from the warm, sunny Saturday temps to yesterday’s chill down. The snow is variable on some of the wind-affected groomers like High Noon and One O’Clock, so ski with care.

Powder stashes on Norther

After a bunch of runs off Sundown and Sunshine, my toes felt like little icicles, so I headed up Elkhead in search of better visibility. The far right side of Norther had deeper powder on top of bumps, and it was the same story on Surprise.

The best snow today is on the lower angle runs such as those off Tomahawk and in the trees. Head for terrain that was protected from yesterday’s wind, and you’ll be happily shredding up those fresh few inches.

Warm up in the teepees off Why Not

It’s a good day to take breaks when you need to warm your fingers and toes. If you want a quick break from the wind, you can hunker down in one of the handy teepees on the mountain. Better yet, go in for a warm drink at Four Points Lodge. It’s a hot chocolate or hot toddy kind of day, and the lodge is one of my favorite spots on Mt. Werner to take in the valley views.

Trekking uphill on Ted’s

We all have our theories about exactly what brings the snow. Conductor Ernest Richardson reminded the audience at the Steamboat Symphony’s final “Brasstacular” concert last night that every time we have had a winter concert, it has snowed. From my experience, this has always been true. So say a little “thank you” to the wonderful, always inspirational Ernest and Mother Nature for the little powder gift. It’s great news for skiers, maybe less so for all the musicians who travel here to be a part of our very special orchestra. Wishing them a safe journey, and you a great ski day!



Jessica Berg, Alpine skier

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