I think I’m in love, and his name is Mt. Werner. Today may be my favorite of the season. Colder temperatures and a literal dumping since the mountain closed yesterday have created a powder paradise. We’re talking true hero snow today.

Fresh and deep on Rolex

The snow is light and fluffy, and everywhere I went, it felt like I floated there. It’s chilly at the summit, but just enough to keep the snow light. Layer up if you’re skiing up high, and you’ll be good to go. With 14 inches of snow falling overnight and another 2+ since the mountain opened, you can’t go wrong.

The glass pressers

Part of the fun is seeing your buddies in line waiting for the gondola to open. You’ll see the purists there most mornings, whether it’s a 14-inch day or a 3-inch day. Gotta love the dedication.

One O’Clock fluff

It’s still hammering snow out there, with flakes so light they float suspended in midair for a few seconds before filling in those lines we’re skiing. If it keeps up, the afternoon will be fabulous — and deeper!

Johnny and Craig catching Sundown runs before work

I started on the Sundown side and the top of Three O’Clock, One O’Clock and Rolex had light, boot-deep powder to glide through. Twilight trees were pristine, and I was grateful for every fresh turn through the quiet forest.

Snowflakes so light they float

The low-angle runs off Tomahawk were almost too deep (but not quite) and relatively untouched even a few runs in. If you go to the far right or left, you might still catch freshies on Westside, too.

Pretty ride up Morningside

There are many powder hounds out today loving the snow bounty; however, everywhere I went felt like its own quiet pocket in the space between the crowds.

In Shadows and Closet, you find the perfect mix of a steeper pitch and pristine powder, with many paths to choose. There were only a few places where I felt the base at all, and those were on the open runs that face the sun, such as Sunset and Mother Nature.

Eddie-O on East Face
Poof, there he goes

The powder on East Face was closer to thigh deep. Oh yeah! And I was able to catch my husband for a couple of the later and best runs of the morning. On the way down to the base at 10, there were still fresh turns on the first two pitches of Norther and to the left of Surprise. And did I mention it’s still snowing hard? With today’s storm and more to come, this will be a happy spring break week.

Get on up here today. Whenever you come, you’ll catch some great turns. Tell your bosses there’s a powder emergency. I’m sure they’ll understand.

Happy, happy powder day!


Jessica Berg, Alpine skier

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