Daylight saving time began on Sunday and the spring equinox is exactly one week from today, but it is still snowing in Steamboat Springs and still feeling very much like winter is upon us.

The 5 AM snow report surprised me with 4 inches of snow at mid-mountain and the summit, and since then the summit has received an additional 3 inches of snow.  What is even better is that this winter storm is expected to bring another 6 to 10 inches of snow through early Thursday morning, so the chances of another powder day in the ‘boat are shaping up nicely.

Despite a bit of a heavier snow, the powder this morning felt creamy and smooth, and in all honesty, was a blast!  Six inches of snow is not enough to be bottomless, but it is enough to provide some really fun powder turns, especially on the groomed trails.  The consistency of this snowfall paired with the depth worked really well together, allowing for a bottomless feeling on the groomed slopes.  Because the snow is heavier, it holds your weight more than champagne powder® does, allowing you to cruise and float smoothly down the slopes without feeling the firm bottom.

The trees had some nice powder stashes as well today, but given the depth, you do need to hold a more active stance with the firm bumps underneath.  This particular winter storm is calling for another 6 to 10 inches of snow today, and if that holds true, tomorrow will be a fun and bottomless powder morning in Steamboat, just in time for my birthday!

Visibility was certainly improved with low-light goggle lenses today, but because it was limited due to heavy snowflakes and not heavy clouds, it really wasn’t too bad this morning.  Lighting in the trees is always better, but I had no problem cruising down the powder on groomed slopes like Flintlock, Storm Peak South, Sunset, Moonlight, Sunnyside and Valley View.

When I think of skiing in March, I typically think of sunshine, blue skies and corduroy.  This year, we’ve seen more powder days in March than usual, but I’m certainly not complaining.  Saturday was a fantastic powder morning in Steamboat, and I was lucky enough to enjoy it with my husband, which can be a rare occasion these days with two young kids at home.  Even my son who is in the U6 Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club has been able to enjoy several powder mornings this month as well.

Today and tomorrow are good days to get out and enjoy the powder as drier weather is expected Friday and beyond.  You never know when our last little blast of winter will be, but soak it up for now because that typical spring skiing with sunny skies and plenty of corduroy will soon be here, as will the official start of spring.

Happy powder skiing and happy Wednesday!

Erin Campbell, Snowboarder

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