The snow forecast is looking the best it has all season! We should be getting a handful of inches everyday through Christmas!

Freshies down Heavenly Daze today

This morning’s conditions were great, with perfectly groomed corduroy buried under a trace of fresh snow. The mountain was socked in with light snowfall throughout the morning. I’m seeing forecasts that we’ll receive a couple inches throughout the day today, with increasing snowfall every day until jolly St. Nick brings us the deep stuff we’ve all been waiting for.

Great, soft turns on See Me this morning

With good snow potential in the five-day forecast, it’s important for everyone to remember the good ol’ company “powder clause.” Powder clauses are often found as part of a Steamboat-based business’s employee handbook. A standard powder clause might sound something like this:

“In thy likely eventeth the Steamboat Powder Cam receiveth 6+ inches of fresh, delicious powder, all employees shalt enjoyeth ye powda turns and reporteth to work by noon.”

You can also stroll downtown Steamboat and next to certain business’s hours will be their company powder clause.

Great to see the frosty aspen trees from fresh snow

Tomorrow, Morningside is slated to open, which will bring the total open trails to 54 with 9 lifts by the weekend!

Get out there and make some turns so your legs are ready for the good stuff in the next couple days!

Pick of the day is Heavenly Daze. I left a couple fresh turns up there for you.

Even the Billy Kidd statue is smiling from the snow forecast

Merry Christmas!


Byron Carney, Alpine skier

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