As they say, pink sky in the morning, sailors take warning… here, in Steamboat, it should be more like pink sky in the morning, skiers/riders start adjourning (from any obligations you may have tomorrow morning).  I woke up this morning to a gorgeous pink sunrise over Steamboat… which means, keep doing your very best snow dance all day long!  Snow is in the forecast, and I have a feeling that the weather gods and goddesses are about to grace Steamboat with their presence.

Despite no new snow and warmer temps all week, the early morning groomers are still in fantastic shape.  Rudi’s, Rainbow, High Noon and Heavenly Daze were all, once again, grippy, butter-like groomers.  In fact, as some people are cursing the warm temps and lack of snow, a silver lining in the challenging early season weather patterns is that we are able to ski and ride soft, creamy groomers as opposed to super icy, hard and unforgiving terrain.  Use this early season gift of awesome groomers as a way to warm up your legs, practice your turns and kick yourself into gear, because before long, that infamous champagne powder will grace our slopes… and while you will be having an absolute blast, your legs will be burning, trust me!  As of Friday, Sunshine and South Peak lifts are both open, providing access to more terrain in Wally World, including runs like Tomahawk, Baby Powder, Spike, Spur Run and Fawn.  Make sure to check out the trail and lift status before you head up on the mountain, and I would definitely recommend sticking to those groomed runs for now. 

Trees at Steamboat

Also as of Friday, night skiing is open on the mountain.  This year, Steamboat is expanding to five nights (instead of three), going Thursday through Monday, starting with hours of operation running from 5:30-8:30pm.  In late February, those hours will shift from 6:00-9:00pm.  For my birthday last March, I chose to get a group of friends together and go night skiing, and we had a blast!  Being able to ski under the moon, watch the flickering city lights, catch the sunset or even just the end of the day glow is a treat, and I would most certainly recommend it.  For more information, check out Night Skiing & Riding on Steamboat’s website. 

Chairlifts at Steamboat

I’ve seen a lot of locals getting on the mountain early, and they are smart.  Catch the early corduroy and take in the beautiful morning views and you’re bound to start your day on a high note.  Until next time, keep on snow dancing…

Erin Campbell, snowboarder

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