As the “January calm” (as I like to call it) settles into our valley, now that the holiday crowds have left, it just feels downright peaceful and calm. Birds singing, edges carving, winds blowing, clouds moving and sunshine prevailing…yes, Steamboat feels peaceful and calm (although we’d all like to see a few more snowflakes prevailing).

While the snow continues to evade us, the mountain is still offering some really great corduroy on the groomed slopes. As long as the temperatures are warm enough (but not too warm), the corduroy can be quite grippy and smooth, making turns feel almost too easy on your legs.

Grippy and smooth corduroy Wednesday morning at Steamboat Resort.

The maintained trails are what you will want to stick to for now as we await more snow hopefully as soon as this weekend, according to meteorologist Joel Gratz. The trees and un-groomed slopes do still have early season conditions present in some areas, so please ski and ride with caution when venturing onto that type of terrain.

Caution: Early season conditions still exist in some areas. Ski and ride with care!

Snowshoeing can also be a fun activity in the winter, with fresh powder or without. The Creekside Trail that most of us have known for biking and hiking is a great place to snowshoe in the winter, and is part of Steamboat Resort property.

The Creekside Trail is currently packed down and a great place to snowshoe in the woods!

Located just off Burgess Creek Road where you’ll find a small parking lot, it’s a great trail that winds through the small Burgess Creek canyon and snowy forest just below the slopes. If you do go for a snowshoe, keep your eyes peeled for moose as they can often be seen in this area (and please make sure to keep your distance).

Snowshoeing through a snowy and peaceful forest just below the slopes.

To learn more about moose in the Yampa Valley, head to the Vagabond/Why Not teepee area for a really fun and educational sign. It’s not only great for the kids, but I’m sure you’ll learn something as an adult too!

Check out the big green sign to learn more about moose in Steamboat!

Until next time, ski and ride with care (and with your mask properly on) and please do your very best snow dance…and don’t stop dancing!

Sunday snowshoeing with my youngest son.

Think snow! Happy Wednesday!

Erin Campbell, Alpine Skier & Snowboarder

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