The title pretty much sums up the conditions out there this morning. There is a really nice layer of creamy snow covering all the crust, the only problem is actually being able to see the run. The clouds are so thick at the top of the mountain that you can barely see the chair in front of you on Sundown. Don’t worry though, once you make it in to the trees or even the edge of the trees, you will be rewarded with some fresh snow to push around.

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Climbing through the fog

Our first few runs this morning were some of the most bizarre runs I’ve ever taken here in the Boat. Because of the thick fog, riding down the open section at the top of High Noon felt more like floating through space than it did snowboarding. The only way to get through these sections today is to take it slow and try to find the edge of the run so you can see something.  Once we got to the trees, our perseverance paid off. The visibility in Twilight still wasn’t great, but at least you could see something and the snow was just deep enough to be forgiving when you hit an unexpected bump.

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After a ride back up Sundown that seemed like a brief stay in limbo, we gave the runs off Sunshine lift a shot. Or as fellow Straight Talker Kevin says, we decided to “rock the hawk.” The lower-angle portions of Tomahawk were much easier to manage in the fog and turned out to be pretty fun. The temps were pretty warm up here last night, so the snow came in thick and made for a very surfy sort of powder day. If you ignored the 15-degree temps, you could almost pretend that you were riding a long wave through a marine layer somewhere in the Pacific.

Fresh turns in Twilight
Fresh turns in Twilight

On a day like today, the trees are where you want to be. I would try the Triangle trees below Storm Peak lift and anything in Closet and Shadows. The runs on Pioneer Ridge below the Pony lift are fairly narrow, so it might be a bit easier to spot the edge of the trees over there. The fog didn’t break until around the top of Christie peak, so if you want the best visibility, you could lap the lower mountain until the fog clears. If you are riding out in the open runs, make sure to keep your eyes out for other skiers to avoid any collisions. Stay safe out there and enjoy the fresh snow.


Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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