Oh Happy Powder Day!

Snow is everywhere. It’s in my ears and down my wrists and all over my skis and in every vent of my helmet. 

It’s in the trees, it’s on the groomers, and it’s on the lifts. It’s piling up on my knees and shoulders on every ride up the mountain. What a hu-mon-gous relief. Days like today just restore your faith in skiing! (And in your decision to live in a ski town, and in your investment in a pass and good skis and comfy warm boots.) It reaffirms scrambling to reorganize your life to have a few mornings each week when you can take advantage of a powder day.  

And today, we got one. The official report was 6 inches, but it’s been hammering snow since 4 am (Yes, I was awake at 4, but that is another blog altogether, and still snowing hard up top. And to all our snow-starved selves that 6″ felt like 12″.

It’s not the typical Steamboat Champagne Powder. The warms temps are giving us more of a Miller High Life kind of a day (the champagne of beers, for those of you who’ve been sticking to the microbrews of late). This is actually the exact kind of snow we needed to bury the hard pack underneath from the long drought. Your legs are gonna feel it, but the buoyancy in your heart will make you forget whatever sass you get from below. People are hooting and hollering all over the mountain. I can hear them the whole way down, but I sure can’t see ’em because it’s just snowing too darn hard to see much of anything. It just makes you smile.

I’ll leave you like the little girl in that YouTube video who is dancing and singing her own song in front of the mirror about all the things in life she loves:  

I love 3 O’Clock.

I love Pine Line.

I love Shadows.

I love SunDown Liftline.

I love Sideburns.

I love Hurricane.

I love Storm Peak Face.

I love Tornado.

I loooooove Vertigo at the end of my morning.

I love Diane and Steve and Kristina Muntean for bailing me out of my daycare emergency today.

I love being up at 4 am so I can watch it snow and get stoked for the day.

I love Theo’s face running in circles in the driveway trying to catch the snow.

I love my S7s, my Full Tilts, my SmartWool, my hot pink Arcteryx pants and my warm cushy Hestra mitts.

I love my sweet, hard-working roommate for helping me to find this job.

I love my handsome husband, and I LOVE that he is coming home tomorrow.

I love my daddy for teaching me to ski.

I love Steamboat where one 6″ day restores my entire ski season!

Enough, stop reading. Go skiing.  

Skiing the trees

Ali Givnish, Alpine skier

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