As my skis danced between light and shadow, something became abundantly clear to me this morning. I’m one lucky guy. Perhaps it was something about how the morning sun glistened on the horizon as it began to warm the resort. Or maybe it was the three little birds perched on a limb telling me “everything is going to be alright.” But no matter how you slice it, this morning’s time spent on the mountain was sheer delight.

Like my favorite song, I wanted to play each of my runs on repeat. As my legs danced from turn to turn and the glory of blue skies in the distance enveloped me, I was completely mindful of how I was experiencing something quite special. It really didn’t matter where the terrain took me today. It was (and is) all glorious.

It didn’t take long to discover that last night’s icy chill left two things behind…

A) Dry, crisp, smooth and fast snow
B) Bluebird skies without a single cloud to be found

Talk about an incredible combination for those of us taking a ride to the top of the mountain first thing. There’s just no better way to wake the mind and spirit than that.

The funny thing about writing a blog to describe a day like this is that it’s actually quite difficult. The feeling in my heart on a perfect day like this is extremely challenging to outline in words. Not to sound overly cliche, but this is one of those amazing days you simply need to experience to believe. No matter where the wind takes you on a day like this you just can’t go wrong.

So please enjoy these nifty photos I took on our brand new GoPro Hero5 and accept my apology for not being better about describing where to ski and what to do today. But if a photo is worth 1,000 words then perhaps these shots will bridge the gap between what is to be experienced and my lack of creative writing.

Get up here and see for yourself.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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