It’s not uncommon at this point in the season to see the beginning signs of snowmelt in the form of dark patches where the sun beats down. But I’m happy to report that our snow base is holding firm and coverage is incredible.

Taking on some of the lower mountain trails this morning like Vagabond and Lower Concentration, the snowcat operators seem to have done a terrific job in laying down some smooth lines overnight. I was pleasantly surprised at how the surface layer really didn’t feel icy or glazed at all. You see, spring weather typically means melted afternoon snow that freezes overnight. This generally produces some stiff packed powder early in the mornings. But not today.

Subsequent runs down Cyclone and Drop Out were all a special treat to enjoy. I just loved making wide, sweeping carved arcs in the snow and looking back to see the lines I left behind. Sinking my edges into the slope was no trouble at all and again, no bare spots to be found anywhere. My kids ducked into the trees on skier’s-right of Cyclone and found a load of great moguls. I on the other hand stuck to the smoothness of the corduroy.

My final run of the morning took me down Buddy’s Run from top-to-bottom. This premier trail at our resort is considered a main drag from the peak of Mt. Werner. Here you can make wide open turns and enjoy some rollers along the way. If you’re skiing or riding with a group, Buddy’s Run is an excellent choice that appeals to people of all abilities. Check it out if you get the chance.

Generally speaking, I’d log today as yet another wonderful day in “the Boat.” So get out there and enjoy it. Just a few more weeks until we put another season in the books.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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