Like many locals, I’ve lived here in Steamboat almost 20 years. Interestingly, there are still attractions, places and events that I have yet to experience. Sound familiar?

Last week I had the enormous pleasure of enjoying one of these new adventures. Courtesy of  local based company Wellktok, I had my first sleigh-ride dinner to Ragnars. It was fabulous. It was a new view of the slopes, valley and town.

Pulled along in a less conventional rendition of “horse-power”, we wound our way across Rainbow Saddle and up Duster to Rendevous Saddle. Peering down over White Out, I got a sense of giddiness. It was so cool! Not just from the snow blowing in my face, but the entire experience itself.

The evening continued to be as delightful as we enjoyed a warm welcome by the staff, delicious fair and an equally wonderful journey back down to the top of the gondola.
All in all, it was a total delight.

So, all this talking about my evening got me thinking about what other attractions and places have I yet to visit here in our beautiful valley? If you are anything like me, you can get stuck in your routine. Forgetting about those little gems and treasures.

I challenge you to tackle a few of your never-evers! Who knows what you might find.It might make you appreciate life that much more.

Some of my personal suggestions:

-Flat Tops Wilderness

-Devil’s Causeway

-Zirkel Wilderness

-Saddleback Ranch

-Del’s Triangle 3 Ranch

-Vista Verde

-Hogan Park

-Strawberry Park Hot Springs