I love this time of year, when new terrain gets opened up and it feels like an entirely new resort once again. The anticipation for the opening of the Burgess Creek lift was at an all-time high as I boarded the gondola today. I, along with my fellow comrades in sport, were ready to tackle Rudi’s Run along with some other freshly released trails.

Today was also very special because I was skiing with my daughter. Having recently entered middle school, it seems one-on-one, daddy-daughter time is harder to come by these days. So the opportunity to enjoy this time alone with my oldest was a special treat. We laughed and played as we made our way down some of the morning’s best runs. Heavenly Daze is still a wide-open delight, and the longest run available now.

Just before linking up with a fast and fluid trip down Vogue, we bumped into some friends who invited us to duck into the terrain park situated just below Sitz. I was impressed with the level of tricks these kids can pull off at such an early age. It appears there is a reason why Steamboat has graduated more winter Olympians than any other ski town. And after watching these tykes huck themselves over rails and kickers, there’s also a reason why I’m not one of them.

As the sun began to rise higher in the sky, the air and mountain temperatures began to warm. The forecast for the remainder of the day calls for clear skies and big views. So lather up the sunscreen, and get out there and play. It’s a gorgeous day in Steamboat with plenty of new trails to conquer.

Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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