This week in Steamboat we welcome back our good friends from the south as MusicFest lands at the base of our mountain for the 33th year. No matter where you go today, you are most likely going to hear the twang of a country guitar from one of the many stages to host live concerts throughout the weekend.

But while you’re up on the mountain skiing and riding, don’t forget to listen for the music of Mother Nature. While ripping the corduroy on runs like Sunshine Lift Line and Flintlock, I couldn’t help but stop and relish the faint chirps of the area’s bird population. Entwined with that, the gentle breeze flowing through the trees created a winter whisper that I swear was speaking of new snow to come.

Storm Peak South was skiing exceptionally well today. The overnight chill we’ve experienced as of late is keeping the snow in all the right places. Turning my way to the Four Points saddle, I could see that most of my favorite runs were groomed overnight. Cyclone is another great run choice, and I’d recommend cruising your way over there if you get a chance.

The clouds overhead are looking a bit dark, as if they are plotting something evil. I’m hopeful that their devilish plan includes blanketing our valley with a heavy dose of white. According to some of my most trusted sources like Open Snow, we expect to see some fresh powder falling from the sky as early as this afternoon.

After you’ve had your fill of exploring the mountain terrain today, make sure to head to the Steambaot Stage and check out Kody West playing a free concert from 1 to 4 p.m. He’s only been playing guitar for three years, but he has burst onto the country music scene with a vengeance. This is a family-friend show for all ages.

Keep your tips up and your ears open. You just never know what you might hear!


Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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