The mountain always seems to have something fun and exciting going on. As part of the Cola-Cola Movies on the Mountain series, the ski area hosts outdoor movies in the base area most Saturdays throughout summer. After the big movie screen is inflated, a whole bunch of people grab chairs and blankets to sit and watch whatever is playing.

It’s lots of fun, and I usually help out with the free drawing before the movie since the radio station my mom works for (Easy 94.1) runs the pre-show events. My sister and I watched people file in while little girls and boys ran around dressed as Disney characters.

My sister and I enjoying this boy’s costume combination of a Ghostbuster with a lightsaber.

Before the drawing began, some students from Perry-Mansfield, Steamboat’s famous performing arts camp, came to dance. Kids soon joined in, and everyone seemed to be having fun.

This girl is so happy, having won free tickets in a drawing at the event.

This fun, free event resembles the old-school drive-ins that my parents always talk about. Remember to bring your chairs and blankets so you’ll be snuggly warm after sundown. Be sure to say “hi” to me while I’m doing the drawing. And most importantly, dress up as characters from the movie, and I will give you a high-five!

See the summer lineup here.

See you there!


Libby Lukens has lived in Steamboat Springs for 13 years and has loved every moment of it. She enjoys hiking, ice hockey, theater and exploring Steamboat’s beautiful community. She is determined to savor every moment she has in the mountains before heading to George Washington University in the fall to study political science.