Life has a beautiful way of changing a person. For years, I’ve written from the perspective of my Olympic skiing career sharing my insight and experiences. Since the birth of my daughter, Freya, my daily experiences have greatly varied from the early days of training and racing. For this reason, I wanted to share my new experiences and invite you along on this journey.

As with any great adventure, it begins with simply getting out the door, which suddenly has taken on a whole new hue of craziness. What do you dress this little person in? Why is it that once you’re dressed and somewhat ready, a meltdown ensues where suddenly clothes are being yanked off and tears are the norm? After the dressing battle seems to calm, we finally make it outside to enjoy our first sledding adventure. Yes, these days my adrenaline rush is pulling my 1-year-old around in a plastic, pink sled on the driveway. Gone are the days of turns at 80 mph. Today’s rush is seeing my daughter smile and giggle at the novelty of snow and exhilaration of being pulled around at a racing speed of 1 mph tops! ┬áThe 10 minutes of sledding bliss are pure joy, and I realize there is nothing more fulfilling and wonderful than sharing life with people you love.

We are an incredible community and have a long-standing Olympic heritage, which is truly a result of families creating lives and opportunity for their children here in Steamboat Springs. It is my dream to share my passion for skiing and the outdoors with my daughter. I look forward to sharing more with all of you!