Last Saturday morning I woke up to a gorgeous pink sunrise, and took that to mean that the snow gods and goddesses were about to pay Steamboat a nice little (or big I should say) visit… and boy was I right!  Thank you all for doing your very best snow dancing, it really paid off nicely in the past week.  This morning, there was no pink sunrise… but even better, there was snow! 

I’m a stay-at-home Mom (and I love it), but the lost art of getting into your car (by yourself) with a nice, hot cup of coffee and heading up to the mountain (by yourself) to take some turns (by yourself) is a real treat… it’s meditative.  What’s also meditative are those early morning runs where you don’t see a soul on the mountain.  From the top of the gondola I went straight to 4 Points lift to get in some early morning turns before Storm opened.  As I rode up the lift without a soul, watching the tiny, delicate snowflakes fall on my pants, admiring the towering pines decorated in beautiful white fluffy stuff, I counted my blessings for being able to live in such an amazing valley and play on such an awesome mountain.

I told myself I was going to check out the “Emergency Phone” trees as I call them (the trees between Sunset and Rainbow) first thing, and even though I told myself that, my board took me elsewhere.  I couldn’t resist Rainbow for starters – perfectly groomed and with about a half inch dusting.  My legs hardly had to work, I just switched between my toe and heel edges and the carves came easy.  It was meditative, spiritual.  Once again, the groomers seem to be in tip-top shape, especially with the little dusting we received overnight.  I found myself back at 4 Points, even though I had told myself I was heading to Storm… this time to check out the trees like I had planned. 

First tree run of the season and it felt great!  While the trees have been skied and there hasn’t been enough new snow for completely fresh turns (those turns we all dream of night after night), there are some great little stashes and overall, the trees are still light and soft.  While I wish I could say I happened upon this as a pre-Christmas gift from Santa, I did stage this photo…

Honey Stinger Waffle

My favorite energy snack – Honey Stinger’s waffle (I really love the energy chews too).  Honey Stinger makes honey-based energy products like the waffle you see in the photo, chews, gels, bars and now kid’s snacks too.  They are located in Steamboat Springs, and I can attest that they’re a super cool company because I worked there a few years before I decided to stay home with my son.  Check out their website and look for their products on the mountain – trust me, the absolute best energy product you’ll find out there!

Frosty trees at Steamboat

After my waffle snack, I decided to make my way to Storm and check out the 2 o’clock trees.  This time, my board took me where I planned, which was a good thing.  I was impressed with the great, fluffy powder stashes still waiting to be found, and couldn’t get enough of the beautifully decorated trees – best kind of decorations if you ask me!  While there are fun powder stashes in the trees, and some great turns to be had, it’s still early season and you do still need to ride with caution and watch out for those hidden obstacles – trust me, the front of my board managed to find a downed tree that was perfectly hidden.

Frosty trees at Steamboat

From groomers topped with a soft dusting to hidden powder stashes in the trees to (did I mention) no lift lines whatsoever, the mountain is in great shape and waiting for you to come up and play!  There is A LOT of snow in the forecast for Steamboat, it looks like our Christmas wishes will all come true… so make sure to be good boys and girls and thank the mountain for all it has to offer.  Until next time, keep on snow dancing…

Erin Campbell, snowboarder

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