If you were here late last week and over the weekend, you might think that we are having one of our best snow years ever. If you’ve been here all season you would know that the snow gods haven’t been very kind. But a few big storms can change the whole complexion of a season and it looks like we have plenty on the way. The ten day forecast is nothing but snowflakes and the clouds are thick on the mountain so get ready for some serious powder days.

After some really cold and snowy mornings last week, we have seen much warmer weather on the mountain. You might notice that the temps at the base are already above freezing. The beautiful blue skies yesterday were just a pause in the storms, but the warmer weather started to melt some of the upper part of the snowpack. So if you are out there today before the storms move in, I would recommend sticking to the groomed runs to avoid any ice on the moguls. While some of the trees on the upper mountain will still be good, runs like Buddy’s and High Noon are going to be your best bet this morning.

No Lines!

I mostly stayed on the lower mountain today and was surprised at how nice the runs were. It didnt get too cold last night down low so most of the melted snow didnt re-freeze. That may sound like a bad thing, but in reality it means the snow is nice and soft and the groomers were able to lay down some nice corduroy. Vagabond has been one of the best runs on the lower mtn this year and today was no exception.

The snow should start falling around mid day, so this afternoon could be a sneaky powder day. The visibility will probably be low, so the best conditions are going to be on the edge of the runs or in the more open gladded areas of the mountain. The left sides of 1 o’clock and 2 o’clock have been good of late and should get better with a little more snow. If you are looking for a good tree run, I would try out twilight or sideburn. The conditions are the best they’ve been all year and should only get better as the week goes on!