It just keeps coming! Every time its seems like winter is in retreat and spring is creeping into the valley, we get another wonderful blast of snow to remind us that we still have a little time left to shred. Once again, this system came in fast and furious with an intense squall on Tuesday night. It dropped about 5 inches of dense, wet snow in the first two hours, and, other than a few breaks, it’s been dumping ever since. The snow has gotten lighter and deeper making for better conditions every day and even every hour.

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The runs off Sundown were what I like to call powder bumps this morning. We haven’t seen enough snow to completely cover the bumps, but we have enough to make them really fun. I’m sure this is a completely different experience for skiers, but these bumps get snowboarders into an awesome rhythm. Turn, turn, jump. Turn, turn, jump. Nothing beats launching yourself from line to line all the way down a mogul run on a powder day. Throw a nice hard slash into a powder bank for good measure and you are having about as much fun as should be legally allowed.

Spraying some snow in Tiwlight

Everything I rode this morning from Twilight all the way over to Closet was great. I don’t think you can go wrong on a day like this. With that in mind, we decided to see what the snow up at the gates was like on the way out. The answer as you can probably guess was deep and fluffy. The amazingly deep base we have this year is on par with almost any year that I have been riding in Steamboat (including the record breaker). There are lines up there right now that on bad years aren’t even possible to ride. So for the expert skiers out there, I recommend getting up top and exploring the runs in between the open bowls in search of new places to ride. If you aren’t an expert, stick to the open parts of the runs: It’s still pretty deep.

Sending it!
Sending it!

From plowing through fluffy bumps to hucking yourself off the cliffs on our double blacks, days like today are why I live here. The crowds have thinned out, the mountain feels even bigger than usual and there is even more powder to go around. With only a little over a week left in the season, it’s best to savor days like this. Soon enough, this powdery landscape will give way to the lushness of summer and face shots will be but a fond memory.


Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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