The clouds have moved in, and the skies are changing with each lift ride. Though it’s hard to beat yesterday’s powder day, the skiing is still fabulous. Today is remarkably soft, even in the trees. It’s another transition Monday, a pocket between the storms, and the snow is set to pick up again this afternoon. I woke up to the snow report of one inch in 24 hours, then looked out the window at 7:00 to see it dumping and got a little more inspired. Be prepared for changes throughout the day as we anticipate the next storm.

There was just enough fluff on top of the groomers to make them velvety smooth. Sunshine to Westside is groomed and delicious, and One O’Clock to High Noon was still fresh and carvy on my second run.

View from the top of Westside

I was a little unsure what would await in the trees, but it was surprisingly soft and fluffy. The turns were fast in the 2:30 trees, so just make a few extra ones, and make sure to look at the spaces between the trees. A little trick I learned that actually keeps you from an unwanted run in.


A little blue sky on One O’Clock


Skiing 2:30 Trees

The visibility decreased with each run up Sundown Express in the early morning, so we decided to take a very quick trip up Elkhead Express and try some White Out bumps. There is a soft layer of fluff on top, but you do feel the crust underneath. The bumps are big ones today, but nicely spaced, so you can pick a sweet line.

Skier Fred wore the right pants today!

The runs off Pony Express were so great yesterday, we ventured over. It was my intention to try the trees first, but Longhorn was so nice and fresh, we had to stick to the groomer the first run. The trees were soft and fluffy when we headed into the trees on skiers left from Longhorn for the second lap. It was such a nice to find it was still so soft with plenty of powder to shred.

On the way down BC ski way, you can see moose tracks and a few droppings, but we missed Mr. Moose today. Yesterday, I saw him from Thunderhead Express munching tree branches just to the right of BC ski way. Last I heard, he was spotted near Why Not this morning. Please be careful, as he is not rumored to be friendly. He seems to favor the lower mountain green runs, so be on the lookout.

Riding Pony

Don’t let the cloudy skies deter you from a great day at Steamboat. If you are like me, you may do better thinking while on the move. Especially while skiing and riding for example. The views are vast and expansive, and so becomes our mindset. Breathing the cool mountain air and looking out over our irreplaceable valley, incites more hope and inspiration than anything else I can think of.

No matter what happens around us, we can choose what we focus on, where we put our energy and well, buckle down and do what we feel is right in our hearts. While you’re at it, buckle your ski boots and come for out for a Monday ride on our beloved Mt. Werner. You can’t help but have a great day out here today!


Jessica Berg, Alpine skier

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