It’s a pristine day in the ‘Boat with vistas of blue skies and snow capped mountains as far as the eye can see. Mt. Werner was all quiet in the early morning, and the snow is in great shape after all the snowfall last week. It’s a little chilly this morning with temperatures in the single digits at the base and about 15 degrees up top, so bring your warm gear and gators.

Groomers are the perfect balance of firm and forgiving today, and the fresh corduroy was just right for sinking an edge into. The snow is carvy and so well preserved after another amazing powder week. It is beautiful out there and the skiing will be great all day! If you’re having a slow start to your Monday morning, go ahead and enjoy a leisurely breakfast and come out for the afternoon session when the temperatures will climb into the 20s.

Tomahawk Cord

There’s something about the brisk mountain air that wakes me up in a way no amount of green tea or chai tea can. All I could hear this morning was the gentle rumble of the lifts, a light wind, and the sweet sounds of the birds. It felt just about silent as the mountain woke up.

View from Sunshine Peak
Leftover freshies

The groomers are skiing great and the views are stunning this morning. Sunshine Lift Line to a groomed Rolex was a good wake up for my tired legs. The snow is sparkling in the sunlight, and that side was so inviting, I skied Upper High Noon to Westside the next time around. Tomahawk and the runs off Sunshine Peak had barely touched corduroy. There’s really nothing like drawing some lines in it in the meditative silence of the early morning.

I caught some Storm Peak Face and Sunset corduroy on my way down to lower mountain. Upper Valley View to See Me were my wrap up to the morning. If it can’t be powder, the skiing this morning is the next best thing.

The weather is looking clear for the week and the next chance for snow could be this weekend. Stay tuned to the forecast. In the meantime, soak up the sunshine! It might not be here long.

I’ve been skiing Steamboat mountain for 22 years now, and I still love that it’s possible to find little unexplored nooks. Somehow, it doesn’t get old as long as your spirit of exploration and adventure keep you poking your ski tips into new terrain.

It’s like any long term relationship. If you want to keep things exciting, keep mixing it up. Here are a few ideas for keeping it fresh  – even when the sun is shining and the snow is a few days old.

  1. Ski with different friends. I recently learned all kinds little stashes and runs that were nicknamed but not named, including some sweet lower mountain tree runs. I’d have never found them without my new guides.
  2. Experiment. Even if you are riding solo, break your routine. It makes the mountain seem like a new one.
  3. On days like this when the sun is shining and groomers are in your skiing future, do something different on the mountain. Stop for a hot chocolate, have brunch at Hazie’s or Ragnar’s, a delicious Bloody Mary at Four Points, early happy hour at the Stoker Bar. The mountain is your oyster.

Happy Monday!


Jessica Berg, Alpine skier

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