I woke this morning to the most beautiful mist lying along the Yampa Valley. The aura of the air was a magical one, and I couldn’t help but to give thanks for another beautiful day to be alive in the ‘boat!

I was away in Utah for work this week, and I was eager to come home and see what was left from all the snow that’s been piling high in Steamboat. I was overjoyed to find plenty of un-tracked Champagne Powder® all over the mountain this morning!

Wake Up Call

I have yet to explore Morningside Park this season, so that area was the top of my places to ski this morning. As I made my way up the lift, I watched the chair in front of me hold food out in their hands as birds promptly flew up to them, took a perch, and calmly snagged the food. This has been going on as long as that lift has been turning.

I hiked halfway up and ducked off to the right and into Wake Up Call. The snow was plentiful and puffy. So light and airy just as we have become accustomed to. I swooshed my way back down and back up, hiking again, but this time to East Face.

Headed Towards East Face

East Face had plenty of powder, and I even harnessed my youthful days and popped off a couple of rocks we used to hit weekend after weekend as little rippers. I got a few hoots and hollers from other skiers, which made me laugh and smile. I still got it!

As I made my way down Last Chance and over to Nash Junction trees, I pondered about the fact that here in Steamboat you can literally ski for hours without hitting one groomed run. What great options we have for skiing and riding.

Last Chance

A final cruise down Heavenly Daze and See Me had me baffled and excited that both runs was completely empty! I arched from one edge of the run and back across all the way down. The only people I saw were skinners on the way up!

As I approached the base, the scene was literally an ant farm. All of the base was solid people! I believe that the holiday weekend mixed with the word being out regarding our snow total has brought people in droves!

With that being said, stay cautious and smart out there, friends. It’s a busy week on the mountain, with my childhood favorite Cowboy Downhill happening on Tuesday! It’s all part of our western heritage celebration in conjunction with the National Western Stock Show. Growing up a cowgirl, this race is dear to my heart and one not to miss!

Smile often!

Brett Buckles, Alpine skier

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