After a short dry spell, we are back in a storm cycle and the first wave gave us exactly what we needed. The snow came in warm last night so the lower half of the freshies is quite dense and bonded really well to the base. It got a bit colder in the early morning, so the flakes that fell last are nice and fluffy. Overall, the 6 inches that we got last night feel more like mashed potatoes than Champagne Powder, but it was just what the doctor ordered.

Since a lot of the snow fell late, the groomed runs were a great place to start this morning. My first runs down 2 O’clock, 3 O’clock and West Side were all soft and untouched. The denser snow is just deep enough that you didn’t even push through to the corduroy underneath. Combined with the soupy clouds hanging over the mountain, it felt really surreal out ther. I couldn’t see where I was going a lot of the time, but it was so smooth that it didn’t matter.

Now that the open runs are bumped up a bit, I would highly recommend going into the trees. Not only will you find untracked lines in our tree runs like Closet and Shadows, but you will also be able to see more than 10 ft in front of you. I took a couple of runs through the trees and had fresh tracks almost everywhere I went. The lower half below Duster got a little sun affected over the weekend, so you might hit a little crust down there.

Like a lot of our storms, most of the snow fell at the top of the mountain, so the runs at the top of Morningside were the deepest. There is a lot of terrain to choose from in Morningside so there is really something for everyone. The blue runs like Rooster and Snooze bar are great for beginners looking for a low angle area to practice dipping in to the powder. Even though it’s short, Biscuit is one of the best black runs on the mountain. I usually just drop into morningside to get to the upper mountain double blacks, but Biscuits and Gravy are always a fun little bonus run.

It looks like this storm is going to linger through the day and into tomorrow so I wouldn’t count on the visibility getting much better. The cloud line is sitting just below the gondola, so the lower mountain will offer better views of the valley and the run in front of you. No matter where you go on Mt Werner today you can count on having the runs to yourself. There were very few people up there so you should be able to find good snow even in the afternoon. So get out there and enjoy these freshies while they last.