It’s a picture-perfect day in the Boat! Blue skies, corduroy groomers and Santa on his way! What a magical way to celebrate the holiday season. This time of year makes me extra thankful for all that I have and all that I get to share with those around me.

I wasted no time making the most of the velvet groom left overnight. High Noon is looking pristine as well as Sunshine Lift Line and Tomahawk. 

High Noon velvet

Two runs on the Priest  Creek side of the mountain had me grinning in all the glory of my favorite “hero snow” groomers. After laying my tracks down High Noon, Sunshine Lift Line and West Side, I made my way up the new, speedy Elkhead lift and down an empty lower Rainbow. A childhood favorite run includes making high-speed sweeping turns from one edge of Rainbow to the other. That was definitely on the agenda today, as I had the run completely to myself.

A quick ride up Four Points lift had me experiencing another groomer favorite, Cyclone, again all to myself. The early-morning light was a bit flat, but I just took it as a challenge to focus on my feet and let the rest of my senses do the work.

Cyclone bliss

On my lift ride up Storm Peak, I met a family from Chicago. They were excited to experience Steamboat and thought nothing of the breeze that was blowing at the top of the mountain. A sure-fire sign of a storm brewing! I know we’re all excited for a white, snow-globe Christmas tomorrow!

Buddy’s Run

A top-to-bottom ski down Buddy’s Run left me reeling with childhood memories of skiing on the weekends with my group in the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. Those are some of my fondest memories. I see these kids all over the mountain ripping it up, and it makes my heart so full. Those are the good ol’ days, no doubt. I am thankful for the opportunity Steamboat and skiing has continuously given me.

Ski Patrol hut looking wintry

Please take the time to be thankful and courteous to others this holiday season. Reach out to someone in need, and give the gift of love and generosity. Ski smart, ski safe, and have a blast!

Brett Buckles, Alpine skier

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