Waking up early today, I had two things on my morning agenda. The first was to set my clocks back an hour and the other was to take a peaceful walk in the newly fallen snow.

Before the mountain opens for skiing and while the late fall weather continues to linger, one thing I love to do is spend time at the Rotary Peace Pavilion. The Peace Pavilion is a structure you will find along the Yampa River Core Trail, the paved trail stretching from the mountain area all the way to downtown Steamboat.

From what I understand, the Peace Pavilion at Rotary River Park aims to provide the Steamboat Springs community a place that creates an emotional state whereby users feel great energy. And that energy is used to reinvigorate your mind and refresh your enthusiasm for the natural beauty of our area.

The Peace Pavilion at Rotary River Park serves as a celebrated landmark where individuals and groups can gather freely to rest, reflect, rejoice and rejuvenate. This structure provides many uses for many people and stands as a focal point for peace in our community and the world that surrounds us.

If you’re interested in exploring this on your own, there’s parking at the trailhead (see map here). This time of year, make sure to wear some snow boots. After all, it’s dumping out there!


Dave Wittlinger

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