With the close of the season, I find myself reflecting on the year and all my adventures, stories and experiences. Once again, this year brought many firsts into my life. My first season skiing almost exclusively down Why Not and loving every minute of it. Honest! My first season watching my daughter grow to love skiing, jumps and everything in between. My first season sharing my passion for skiing with both my little ones.

With over 400 inches of snow at the summit, our season was filled with some epic powder days and glorious Colorado sunshine . Yet beyond the obvious benefits of living in such an awesome place, what strikes me as the greatest part of living in Steamboat is the community. This sentiment has been said many a time and it hasn’t lost its luster on me.

A fellow teammate of mine visited earlier this winter with her family. Coming from another mountain town, she was so impressed with the difference in the spirit and atmosphere in Steamboat. She marveled at the hospitality, generosity and overall experience that she and her family enjoyed. She simply stated, “Steamboat is unique and seems like such an amazing place to live”.

We are the fortunate ones. We are lucky to call Steamboat home and be a part of a community that seems to genuinely take care of its own. We have felt intense loss this year with the passing of friends and loved ones and yet our tight-knit community has rallied together to show an outpouring of love and encouragement. This is Steamboat.

As this winter season closes and we embark on a new chapter, I encourage you to enjoy and embrace all that our incredible town and resort has to offer. Enjoy your loved ones and the experiences you share together. Life is about community and we are rich with all that Steamboat offers.