Steamboat’s March weather madness is finally here! I can honestly say that today was one of the coldest mornings I’ve experienced this season. We’ve all been patiently waiting for our March snowstorms to arrive, and I’m happy to report they are here. New snow, snowing skies and gusty winds are all in the mix today. As I made my way to Sundown Express with the rest of the First Tracks crew, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much it truly felt like January. 

My favorite Twilight trees
My favorite Twilight trees

I started my morning like every other powder day: straight into Twilight trees. There were pockets of pristine powder mixed with dust on crust, depending on where you chose to make your turns. The wind has definitely made its impact on the snow conditions today. Paired with low visibility, today is another day of “variable” conditions like Kevin reported yesterday. The powder was slightly “set up” due to the wind and not quite our bubbly champagne. Still, I’ll take fresh snow over spring groomers any day. I hope that all our spring break visitors agree.

Four Points lodge in the snowy abyss

I made my way down lower Rainbow and up Four Points to check out the front side of the mountain. This is where the wind was really blowing. Cyclone didn’t have the amount of snow I was expecting, and the hard groom underfoot was not as pleasant as the softer snow on High Noon. I would recommend staying in the wind-protected areas of the mountain today. A blustery ride up Storm Peak brought me to a wind-swept Buddy’s Run. Conditions were slightly more consistent with a softer groom under the fresh 4 inches reported.

Preparations on Voo Doo

As I made my way back to the base area, I noticed a lot of worker bees toiling away on Voo Doo. Steamboat hosts the U.S. Freestyle Championships March 18-20. If you’re up on the mountain those days, make sure to check out the action on Voo Doo. These are the best up-and-coming mogul skiers and aerialists, and the events are thrilling to watch. Steamboat always has a slew of top contenders, so please go cheer on our local freestyle skiers!

Be prepared for cold and wind today. Cover your face, and drink your water!

Brett Buckles, Alpine skier

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