It’s prime-time cruising out there today, Steamboat. Get on out and carve it up.

Two inches. We didn’t get a ton of snow out of the last storm. Not what we expected, at least. What we did get is a couple inches of wet, dense flakes—and a ton of crazy-strong wind. Yesterday, I heard the resulting effect referred to as “lunar.” It was an apt description for the windswept surface conditions—waves and ridges, filled-in bumps and varying textures. Crunch.

Sparse humans sharing the fast, creamy groom on Westside

But today is fresh and new. Frankly, it is so much more fun.  This is The Day After. It’s calm and warm, and and the result is something wholly better. Bon voyage crunch. Hello cream!

High Noon to Westside. Sunshine Lift Line, then back up and over to Rolex. Storm Peak Face (okay, a little breezy up at the tip-top) down Rainbow, over to Vagabond, Lower Concentration and on down. Sunset. Your fellow humans are sparse up there and every inch of groomers I managed to sample was positively delicious! It’s skiing fast, so I got to do a lot of sampling!

The last burst of wind at the top of Storm Peak — but calm, smooth cruising once you tip over the lip.

Wind gusts subsided and our diligent snow groomers turned the wind’s whimsy into something beautiful on the ski hill. Temperatures remain warm, lingering right around freezing, and Steamboat’s groomed runs are especially velvety today.

You can’t go wrong on the Sundown side of Steamboat today — all groom, and all fun.

Grab a grooming report at the gondola, or look for the little snow cat icon online. I skied groomers all over the mountain this morning and never found a single funky spot. This is prime time to let your skis run. Carve your turns. Don’t fret the flat light because there are no evil surprises lurking out there. The skiing is pure fun!

Grey skies, but flat light inhibits nothing today!

It’s Winter Carnival, folks! This is by far one of Steamboat’s favorite weeks of the year—and this weekend marks the grand culmination of it all. Anticipation is rising for the nail-biting horse-drawn street events, the Night Extravaganza, snow sculptures popping up along Lincoln Avenue and more. There are some family-style races, jam sessions and a s’more party at historic Howelsen Hill starting tonight. The pace, and the fun, ramp up exponentially starting tomorrow.

Jennie Lay, Telemark skier

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