Last night, my hubby and I celebrated Valentine’s Day a little bit early with some fun night skiing followed by a romantic dinner at Yama (located at the base, in Torian Plum)… fun and yum!  It was our first time night skiing this season, and it was a blast.  We had hoped to catch the first chair up and watch the sunset from the top of Sitz, but we have a 20 month old son, and let’s just say that being on time is a lost art in our family.  We did catch the stunning alpenglow on the way to the mountain, and even better, the last glow of the day as we rode up Christie Peak Express.

But even better was the incredibly awesome view from the top of Sitz… the very, very last glow of a beautiful day, paired with the twinkling glow of Steamboat…. pretty romantic if you ask me.

Night glow in Steamboat

From the top of Christie, at 8,000 feet, you have access to 5 trails including Sitz, See Me/See Ya, Vogue, Stampede and Lil’ Rodeo.  The state-of-the-art Ultra-Tech™ Lighting is super impressive, allowing you to have great visibility, even when there is no additonal moonlight hitting the slopes… but do remember to bring your low light lenses to better help with depth perception.  My hubby and I cruised down all of the runs, each time going into the Lil’ Rodeo terrain park close to the base.  In my 20’s, I used to play in the park more than I do at ago 30 (maybe that’s because I’m a stay-at-home Mom chasing an energetic tot around all day and don’t have time to nurse the bumps, bruises and stiffness from those hard park crashes)… but last night, I forgot about that for a bit and had a blast.  The boxes, rails, small jumps and mini half pipe are super fun features, great for all riders and all abilities.  A good amount of night skiers/riders seem to stick only to the terrain park, getting off the lift halfway up Christie… but we found that a fun, fast, groomed cruiser followed by some terrain park fun was the way to go.  Perfect start to a great little date night with one of my oh so sweet valentines.

I’m feeling pretty fortunate that I was able to take the last turns of yesterday and the first turns of today.  Perhaps I should have set up my Big Agnes tent at the base since I was back up here bright and early, ready to enjoy another sunny day on the mountain.  And even better than last turns/first turns, today, I’m lucky enough to ski with two of my valentines… my hubby and my Dad, who has been my valentine for 30 years now.

Me and my dad

The first turns of today were amazing, as usual.  Steamboat’s snowcat drivers are continuing to do a fantastic job…making my job of blogging and taking cool photos easy.  Of course we all want more powder turns, but the first turns on an untouched groomer are spiritual and full of love… for me, it’s definitely love at first carve.

Groomer at work on Steamboat resort

I’d stay and blog more, but I have some valentines to catch up with… one of them being my little guy who is ready to have some fun at the base of the mountain today.  Between a gorgeous sunny day, nice snow conditions, an oh so sweet Valentine’s Day, a celebration of Mardi Gras, the free concert in Gondola Square, the fireworks and torchlight parade tonight… there is abundant opportunity to have an amazing day.  Check out Steamboat Mardi Gras for the complete line-up of events this weekend.  Get out there, feel the love at first carve and enjoy a super fun, sunny and warm afternoon at the base… and make sure to have an extra sweet, extra happy Valentine’s Day!


Erin Campbell, snowboarder

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