The white blanket of winter is gone and yet some of us might still be hanging on to our proverbial winter layer. Yes, somehow the pounds can add up during those cold winter months when your body is fighting the elements to stay warm. (At least that’s my excuse.) Suddenly summer is here and you are wanting to shed those unwanted “warm” layers of extra weight. Don’t fret! Changes should be small and incremental but ultimately will have a significant effect. BABY STEPS.

The only way to make lasting change is to start slow!
You need to allow yourself the ability to incorporate the change into your normal routine.

Let’s start with something simple:

Drink Water
Yes, the simple act of drinking 60 oz of WATER a day can have a dramatic impact on our overall metabolism.
*I capitalized WATER because this really should be your go-to. Juice, coffee and soda does not count. Bored with plain water? Add a hint of lemon or lime. Heck, throw some strawberries and ginger in there! 

We all know this. But how can we get a little more activity in our busy days?

Here are a few ideas:

-Join a group of friends for an early morning hike or class.

-Bike to work

-Take a quick walk around the block while on your lunch-break

-Get in the pool with your kids

Moderation and Awareness
Often we don’t have a proper concept of just how many calories we are eating vs. what we are expending. Begin by cutting your portions down by just a bit. Aim to look at food as fuel. If you are not using the fuel it gets stored. That’s the basic truth.

Enjoy Yourself
This is really the most important advice I can give. Your body responds to the emotional signals you are giving it. If you are feeding it with stress (cortisol) then your body naturally goes into survival mode and hangs onto every last calorie. Give yourself opportunity to enjoy the activities and moments you love.

Stay tuned for next week where I’ll walk you through a few specific work-out options for taking your usual routine up a notch!