From time to time, living in Steamboat can feel like you are living in a movie. When I awoke yesterday morning the view from my window looked like the inside of a snow globe. The big fluffy snowflakes were falling straight down and piling up quickly enough to get me excited about this mornings total. Six inches dropped overnight, but the full storm total was closer to 12. With totals like that, I’m gonna go ahead and declare today our first powder day of the season!

Since we have limited terrain open, a lot of the snow was groomed down at some point in the night, but there were a few inches to push around on top of the corduroy. Fortunately there are a few ungroomed runs open and they are nice and soft. The first run down Blizzard was knee deep with almost nothing sticking up above the snow. Even though they are tracked up by now Blizzard and White Out are your best bet for some powdery bumps throughout the day.

The temp at the top of the mountain is pretty frigid, so make sure to bundle up and bring your heavier face mask. If you want to stay a little warmer, I would ride 4 Points lift and lap Rainbow/WhiteOut. You miss out on the upper portion of Buddies Run, but you get the benefit of being comfortable. The upper section of Rainbow is groomed out, but below rainbow saddle, there are some nice pockets of powder on the edges of the run.

It should snow off an on for the rest of the day today, so most of the runs should stay pretty soft. After another little shot of powder tonight, we are going to be dry until Thursday when the next storm rolls in. It looks like the weather pattern is setting up from the northwest, which means we will have a lot of powder mornings to look forward to. As more snow falls, patrol will start dropping ropes on more and more runs, so its always worth keeping an eye on what’s roped off and whats open. Enjoy the snow and stay safe out there!