There’s nothing like a little dusting to keep our hopes alive that it’s going to be another epic season in the Boat! Some light flakes were falling and winds gusting this morning as I took a few runs, and the storm is gaining momentum.

If you have the time to make some turns this lovely Monday morning, things are quiet on the mountain, and Heavenly Daze and Vogue are skiing great with consistent snow. I ventured up to try a few off Burgess Creek. Rudi’s Run had the best coverage, and the top of Norther had some soft turns. After B.C. opened this weekend (yea for unexpected powder turns!) many skiers have had the chance to ski the fresh terrain. Things are a little more tracked out today, so take care when riding White Out, B.C. Lift Line and Norther and watch for early-season debris.

Instructors prep for holiday crowds

We have a winter weather advisory through Wednesday morning (yahoo!), so if you need to pick and choose this week, Wednesday is lining up to be the best powder day. It’s a gator day today and feeling chilly with the winds blowing up to 20-30 miles per hour and temps in the 20s.  If you have the time, it’s definitely worth going up for a few, if for no reason other than to get your legs in ski shape, and breathe some fresh mountain air, or as my husband says “get ready for the big one”.  The big one could be Wednesday, depending on how this storm shapes up.

All quiet on BC
All quiet on B.C.

All this speculation about the weather, snowfall, the possibility of new terrain got me thinking about the power of visualization and the belief that if you practice this fine art, great things can manifest. Let’s all think snow this Monday morning! Lots and lots of it. The big, fluffy, light fat flakes. Imagine what they will feel like falling on our upturned faces as we ride the lifts, the billowy pillows (feet preferably) that we’ll feel under our skis and boards, and our favorite runs soon to open.

Which brings me to my top three powder runs I look forward to skiing very soon.

  1. Shadows and Closets
  2. Sideburn to Sunset
  3. High Noon, 1 O’Clock or 2 O’Clock (but only if I’m one of the first)

Think of your top three today as you sit at your desk, or ride the accumulating powder.

Happy Monday!


Jessica Berg, Alpine skier

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