Something about the mountain today just put me at ease from the start. Perhaps it was the gentle breeze whispering through the trees or the soft flakes that were beginning to fall from the sky. But things on mountain were and are seemingly quiet today, and I liked it.

I decided to rouse the kids from bed to come skiing with me this morning. I just really wanted to be with family today. Surprisingly, I didn’t hear one grumble or moan as they were gearing up in preparation for the slopes. And once we boarded the gondola, we were nothing but smiles. Our first turns of the day were down Huffman’s to the Sundown Express lift. I could tell immediately that the snow had dried out quite a bit overnight. The groomed lines were grippy and oh so smooth.

Our next exploration included none other than Rolex. We saw from the grooming report that it had been smoothed out overnight, and I never miss a chance to rip fresh corduroy on one of my favorite black diamond trails. As I focused on making completely symmetrical turns the entire way down, my thighs were definitely burning by the end. My children were exploring skier’s right of the trail, and I could tell they were finding some leftover powder stashes just off in the trees.

High Noon to One O’Clock was where we headed next. The trees to skier’s left of High Noon were especially interesting to frolic and play. There, you’ll find several pre-skied trails following lines among the aspens. It was much like a roller coaster ride, of sorts, the way the tracks dipped and dove down the landscape. Other than checking your speed once in a while, the preformed paths basically lead the way.

If you’re interested in some soft moguls, the lower section of One O’Clock along skier’s right of the trail opens to some incredibly playful bumps. The snow is still fluffy in this area and very forgiving. This would be a great place to ski and ride today if you’re in a group with mixed experience. Those who enjoy the groomers will love the main section of One O’Clock while the more advanced skiers in your bunch can charge the bumps.

As the snow begins to fall, I expect another layer of fresh by afternoon. This is a terrific day to be on the mountain, and I hope you can enjoy it, too.


Dave Wittlinger, Alpine skier

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