After the last week of beautiful weather, there is a feeling of spring in the Yampa Valley. The temps have been all the way up to the 40s and the days are starting to feel longer. Despite the inevitable change in seasons, I’m not writing off winter yet. We have a string of storms coming into Steamboat over the next week that should blast us back into winter. So take advantage of the blue skies today before the change in the weather.

Even though we have a wintery blast on the horizon, today very much still feels like spring. The conditions on the mountain were pretty firm, but starting to soften up in the right places. Buddies Run and the Storm Peak runs were in great shape from the get go. The north facing runs have been sheltered from the sunny days and are going to be best early in the morning.

After a few runs down Buddy’s and Storm Face, I decided to check out the conditions in Sundown. The top half of High Noon was riding really well with soft snow and great views of the Flattops. Once you got below the first pitch, the conditions got a little more variable. West Side and 2 O’clock were both rock hard and icy, but lower High Noon was actually pretty good. By the afternoon all of these runs should soften up and be tons of fun, but for now I would stick to Storm Peak.

The lower mountain was starting to soften up on my way out but Heavenly Daze was still pretty firm. See Me had some leftover corduroy on the left side that was nice for carving, but overall it will be best up top until the afternoon. The rest of the day should be a good mix of sun and light clouds, so you don’t have to worry about rushing up there to get the best conditions. This will be our last sunny day for a bit, so get out and enjoy the views before the storms move in tomorrow.