One thing is for sure… when you don’t wake up to a snowy morning in Steamboat, you almost always wake up to a gorgeous sunrise over the Yampa Valley.  Here is a little Saturday morning eye candy for you…  good morning! 

Steamboat Springs is known for being a family-friendly town.  The amount and variety of activities to keep the kiddos entertained and happy are simply endless.  As a ski mountain, Steamboat also proves to be very family-friendly, full of fun things for kids, both big and little.  For the wee little ones, a ride in one of Steamboat’s red wagons is pretty epic if you ask my son.  Intended for kids and/or gear, you’ll find red wagons stashed around the base area for your use and enjoyment. 

Red Wagon

Another super awesome thing to do with the itty bitty ones is to take a gondola ride.  In Steamboat, I know a lot of parents who get a pass for their baby’s first winter… we did.  Since kids ski free at Steamboat (ages 12 and under), why not get a pass and start them out young!  Last spring, my son was around 10 months old when we would take gondola rides up to Thunderhead, of course only after those epic wagon rides around the base. 

Riding the gondola at Steamboat Resort
A child enjoys a ride up the Steamboat gondola

For kiddos on skis or boards, keep your eye out for several really cool teepees located on the mountain.  This one is located off of Vagabond.  Another one is located in the Rough Rider Basin, which is also a fun little area to explore with younger kids on skis or boards.

Teepee at Steamboat Resort

Another really cool thing for kiddos at Steamboat are the various terrain parks.  Steamboat’s four different terrain parks provide a variety of features for all levels of skiers and riders.  With the Winter X Games taking place in Aspen right now, it’s the perfect time to dip into one of these parks and dream big!  Lil’ Rodeo is located at the base of the mountain (accessible from Christie Peak Express) and offers small boxes, jumps and a mini half pipe.  It’s a great first step in park riding before moving up to the intermediate Rabbit Ears Terrain Park.  With over 20 assorted jumps, bonks, jibs and rails, kids (and adults) can find fun and challenging features to hone their park skills.

Rabbit Ears terrain park
Rabbit Ears terrain park

After mastering Rabbit Ears, Lower Mavericks is one of Steamboat’s newest parks, offering medium to large jumps and one of the biggest wall rides on Colorado.  And then there is the Mavericks Terrain Park and Mavericks Superpipe, the largest park in Steamboat… where you really can start to dream big! 

Beyond all of these fun things to do with or without kids (trust me, most of the terrain park features are a huge hit with adult kids like myself), it’s another groomer day in the ‘boat.  We’re still snow dancing up here in Steamboat, hoping the snow gods and goddesses will open their doors, but for now, you’ll find nicely groomed runs.  I would definitely recommend getting an early start to your day.  As they say, the early bird gets the worm… well, here, the early skier/rider gets the soft, grippy groomers.  Until next time, keep on snow dancing and enjoy your Saturday!

Erin Campbell, snowboarder

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