It’s a lazy Saturday in Steamboat. The sun is shinning along with a few clouds hanging in the sky. The weathermen seem to be confused. Some say it’s going to be sunny while others are calling for snow. Kinda typical for this time of the year.

We’re racing against the snow and cold temps to get a few more bike rides in. The road riding is still fantastic with car-free roads and chilly air. You’re likely to see a few other committed riders out there with big smiles, as if they’re beating the system by riding this late into November. Mountain biking has about come to an end. The trails are either muddy or have too much snow on them. Many locals make the drive west to the desert for a last family camping trip filled with bike rides in the warm afternoon sun.

And some of us are embracing the snow on fat bikes. We’re riding predawn frozen mud that flows into higher-elevation snow. Fat Bikes have changed the scene of winter riding: There are places in town where you can ride snowpacked singletrack or groomed roads. It’s a perfect activity for a day off of skiing, or you can make it a dual-sport day by biking and skiing. A predawn bike ride followed by a dip in the hot springs and then a big breakfast is life changing! Look into Steamboat’s Uphill Access policy for more details.


We’re less than two weeks from opening day. Are you ready?

Garett Mariano, cyclist

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