When most people think of riding in Colorado, blue bird skies usually comes to mind. Even though I will take powder any day, there is something to be said for enjoying the views and groomed runs on a clear day. The temps were pretty chilly this morning, but as the day moves along we should warm up to a comfortable 25 degrees.

Because of the near zero temps at the summit this morning, the first few runs of the day were hard packed and a little icy. The best runs in these conditions are usually the lower angle runs over in Sunshine bowl and up top in Morningside. We didn’t get much out of the storm that came through on Sunday night, but the inch that fell at the top of the mountain refreshed the snowpack in Morningside. The groomed runs up there are nice and soft with a little soft stuff on the edges to play around on.

As the valley starts to warm up, the lower mountain should soften up enough to carve on. Even though Heavenly Daze has been riding well this year, I would recommend taking some runs down Vagabond. Not only is it in a bit better shape, but it spits you out at Thunderhead lift so you don’t have to go to the base area.

It looks like we are in for a few dry days this week before the stormy weather moves in. The models are still a little unsure of how much we will get, but every little bit helps in a low snow year. Until then, take your time to enjoy the sunny weather and appreciate the spectacular views up on Mt Werner.