A bluebird Monday with frosty trees at the summit made for some fun first turns of the year in the January sun.

Spur Run on the way to Sundown Lift

Today I took my two kids skiing and it was great to get out on some of our favorite runs together, including the must-do Tomahawk. My kids are 4 and 7, so there is a bit of a skiing ability difference between the two, but with the fun little hills on Tomahawk and small little jumps on the side of most of the easier runs, my older son was still having fun too.

Tomahawk, always a must-do with my kiddos

Higher up, towards the summit, the snow was firm in some places, but overall the coverage was good on open terrain (which is now just over 80% of Steamboat Resort). The views were endless and quite spectacular, and the bluebird sunshine was down right good for the soul!

Buddy’s Run with my older son (my younger son got tired and went home early)

While the weather was phenomenal and the conditions were fun today, I did feel that there were quite a few people skiing at some unsafe speeds (and saw a pretty busy Ski Patrol out there today). Let’s remember to please keep our speed in check and keep a safe distance from other skiers and riders around you. Especially when you see young kids skiing on the mountain, take some extra turns, practice your form a little bit and give them plenty of space.

Those views, those trees, those bluebird skies…

I also noticed more skiers and riders than I’ve seen before not wearing their masks properly (yes, your nose and mouth both need to be covered for it to count). I did hear every single lift operator ask skiers and riders to please pull up their mask, and with all of the signage and information online, Steamboat Resort is absolutely doing their part to keep us all safe. The more we can all be respectful and do the right thing, the more we can all enjoy a ski season together, from a social distance.

Wearing our masks properly (mouth and nose covered) at Steamboat Resort!

I’ll be back Wednesday, so until then, happy trails!

Erin Campbell, Alpine Skier & Snowboarder

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