The first thing I noticed this morning when I let my dog out was how bitterly cold it was. With the sun just starting to peek over the mountain, there was a thin layer of fog sitting over the river. In the mountains, this usually means there is a temperature inversion. This happens when cold air sinks to the bottom of the valley and gets stuck there. So even though it was -5 in my car when I left for the mountain, I knew it would be better up on the mountain. By the time I got to the parking lot, it warmed all the way up to -2, so at least things were moving in the right direction.

By the time I got to the top of the gondola, it had warmed up to 14 degrees, and the conditions looked perfect for some sunny morning groomers. Fate had other plans for my morning, however. As I skated over to Spur Run to strap in, I noticed something missing from my rear biding. Unfortunately, the main strap on my binding had broken off, effectively ending my morning before it began. So instead of telling you about what I rode today, I will tell you about what I would have ridden. And as an added bonus, I threw in a time lapse I took of the sun setting on the resort last week.

It’s already getting a lot warmer out there today, so by mid-morning the temps should be in the teens everywhere on the mountain. Your best bet to start out the day is to head to Sunshine and enjoy the groomed runs that get the first light on Mt. Werner. Tomahawk is a crowd favorite, so early in the day is the best time to ride it. This way, you can avoid the crowds and hopefully get some of the corduroy left from the grooming last night. Personally, I like to ride Sunshine Lift Line on groomer days. It’s a bit steeper, and it’s nice and wide, so you can make big turns between the lift poles. It’s like the easiest slalom course you could imagine.

I think the lower mountain should be pretty good as the day warms up, as well. My only run of the day was a very cautious trip down Heavenly Daze with a broken binding. While it was a little firm this morning, the sun hadn’t come around to the front of the mountain. I would expect it to be pretty good from now until early afternoon, when it starts to get a little chopped up.

Enjoy the sun out there today, and I will see you next week with brand new bindings and a little more info.

Dan Tullos

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