What a difference a week makes! This time last Saturday I arrived back to the base area and was greeted by one of the biggest masses of people I’ve ever seen! There were issues with the gondola and everyone was either waiting in line for it, or Christie Express.

Today was much different. Much less people both on the hill and at the base. Again, there were issues with the gondola, and First-Track skiers and employees were asked to take Christie Peak followed by Thunderhead Express in route to the top of mid mountain. 

Vagabond view looking up

So instead of my warm-up runs down High Noon, West Side and Rolex, today had me making virgin corduroy tracks down Vagabond and Ted’s Ridge. This was a welcomed change of pace due to the fact that by the time I usually ski these runs, they have already been skied on for an hour plus.

Ted’s Ridge and a great view of downtown

The corduroy was  extra silky smooth today. Ample snowfall and cold temperatures are keeping the snow condition light and airy. After the snow cat tills up the snow and lays it down in rows, the consistency remains velvety smooth. I reveled in the fact that I was the first arcs to be had on nearly every run I skied this morning.

Velvet groom on Lower High Noon

I’m feeling extra thankful for my heath today. What started out as a head cold three weeks ago turned into a terrible stomach and sinus infection. I slept for three days straight, and am still not back to 100% energy. Please learn a lesson from me–listen to your body when it’s sick and telling you it needs rest! I never slowed down to let myself get better, and I paid the price!

Today is the Women’s March on Steamboat. I will be headed downtown next to show my support for a very important cause.

Powder lingering in Elkhead trees

In other great news, we are in the midst of a winter storm watch.  Looks like the most will be falling on Monday with a little each day this week.

There are more and more up-hill skiers every week it seems. Please be aware of these people as you’re skiing down to the base. They are usually on Heavenly Daze, See Me, Voo Doo and Vagabond, and some of them continue up Sunset or Rainbow. I love that we have this opportunity, and it makes downhill skiers more aware.

Happy Weekend!

Brett Buckles, Alpine skier

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