Soft and fresh powder stashes were abound Wednesday morning with five new inches of snow at the summit, and it is still snowing, and heavily at that! In fact, a winter storm warning is in effect through Thursday which should bring 10-20 inches of fresh powder to Steamboat. Cheers to champagne powder®!

Powder in the trees!

Despite heavy winds at the summit, and wind-blown snow on parts of the slopes, powder stashes were just waiting to be found in Steamboat’s beloved trees. With sideways snow falling from the sky and wind kicking it up from the slopes, visibility was tough on the groomed trails (and may continue to be until this storm passes). Skiing and riding in the trees provided not only better depth perception and visibility, but also some protection from the howling winds. However, until we get this next round of heavy snowfall, you do need to ski and ride with extreme caution in the trees as those early season obstacles (downed trees, protruding stumps, etc.) do still exist.

Visibility on the slopes was tough, but much better in the trees – but please do ski and ride with extreme caution in the trees!

Today was my first day back on my snowboard and it was so much fun! I grew up a skier, taught skiing for Steamboat Resort when I first moved here and then started predominantly snowboarding for many years. Since my kids have started skiing, I have also started skiing once again with them, but still love to put my snowboard back on from time to time. To me, it is hard to beat champagne powder® in Steamboat on a snowboard!

Back on my snowboard and making some fun turns on Sideburn!

In the past week, Steamboat has received another two feet of snow, which has opened the resort up to 2,675 acres and 148 trails. I’d imagine the snow we receive today will open up even more terrain and really help get the base numbers to where the need to be.

Rolex had some nice snow stashed to the side of the slope.

As I’m finishing up this blog, the snowflakes are getting bigger by the minute and falling faster by the second. Joel Gratz is pretty confident in his forecast and I have a good feeling about this one as well. Start making your powder day plans now because I think that tomorrow may just be one of the best powder days we’ve seen all season!

Powder today and a lot more on the way!

Ski and ride with care and have a great day on the mountain! Happy Wednesday!

Erin Campbell, Alpine Skier & Snowboarder

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