In case you missed it, today is a powder day! The powder cam at the top of the mountain showed 10″ this morning, but if you know where to go it’s even deeper than that. It was really cold last night and this morning so they conditions were perfect for a healthy dose of classic Steamboat Champagne Powder!

To my surprise, the line at the gondola wasn’t very long this morning. I got there around 8:20 and they hadn’t even put up the maze. While this was great news for everyone who made it up first thing, it’s even better for those who missed the morning rush. There is so much snow up there that it should be really deep all day.

Morning light on Mt Werner

The sun started to break through the storm clouds as I got up to 4-points for my first run and the mountain looked amazing. The snow was blower powder with a nice soft base beneath it to smooth out the bumps. My first run down Hurricane was pretty much untouched and the bumps were barely there. It will be a bit cut up by now, but the bumps should be nice and soft for all you mogul lovers.

The deepest conditions were at the top of the mountain and in the trees in Sundown Bowl. While I would normally head straight into Closet on a day like this, the snow was so good that I decided to head right back down Storm Face. It’s not too often that you get 8-10″ on top of a groomed run, but when you do its as good as it gets.

After riding Storm back up it was time to head into the trees and see how deep it was in Closet and Shadows. There were some tracks in the main shoots near the top, but as you get lower, the conditions got better and better. The trees on this side of the mountain really catch the snow so it can be a lot deeper in there than out in the open. Twilight was consistently knee deep with almost no tracks to be found.

Like I said before, there is almost no one on the mountain. So if you had to go to work early or just decided to have a relaxing morning, it’s still worth getting up there. With all the snow we have had to start the year, it’s easy to forget that powder days don’t always come so frequently. So get up to the mountain now before the freshies are all gone.

Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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