If you’re a local or spent anytime here in Steamboat, you’ve probably seen the stickers or heard the phrase, “Bar UE is for lovers”. So where did the adage come from? Well, in my investigating I’ve come upon some old truths leading to this amorous tagline.

The beloved lift is one of the last remaining semi-vintage doubles on the mountain. What’s the significance of such a lift? Historically speaking, the name itself is steeped in the ranching heritage of Steamboat Springs. Bar UE was originally the brand of the Werner Ranch started by Edward “Pop” Werner father to Buddy, Loris and Skeeter Werner and one of the founding families of Steamboat Ski Resort.

Beyond the ranching heritage, Bar UE lift brings a taste of the early, more simple days. Perhaps it’s the comfy padded seats where you can cuddle up to your neighbor. Or the quietness where you to enjoy the tranquility of the snow covered pine trees. But perhaps most importantly,  Bar UE isn’t a high speed quad whizzing you up the mountain. It’s a traditional lift that allows you to enjoy the repose.

When I was coaching, Bar UE was one of my favorites due to the fact it allowed my sore, tired legs some time to recoup before charging back down the mountain with a gaggle of eleven and twelve year old kids. I could catch my breath and reminisce with my fellow coach about the good old days when we were one of the wild kids charging down the mountain.

In an era where everything is fast paced and there’s a demand for immediate satisfaction,  I’ve grown to appreciate the moments and situations where we are forced to take a breath and relax. Skiing and snowboarding has become more and more about how many runs we can take in a day or how many vertical feet completed. But, like anything in life there is a huge need to slow down and enjoy our space in time. A time to relish in the beauty and ability to enjoy the incredible nature all around. A time to reminisce and appreciate. And hopefully if you are lucky enough, it’s a time to cozy up next your partner and share a special ride on the ever lovely Bar UE. Because in truth, we all need some love.