Sometimes it’s best to stick with what works. Like the turkey and mashed potatoes you are gonna fill up on later today, this morning it’s best to stick with the classics. That means fresh corduroy on Buddy’s and high speed carving down Heavenly Daze. Sure you can venture into the ungroomed trails we have open, like White Out or BC Lift Line, but why bother when the groomers are so good.

View from the gondie

I started out my day with a few runs down Rudi’s and was not disappointed. The grooming crew has done an amazing job getting the mountain ready to start the season from top to bottom. You couldn’t find an exposed rock on that run if you tried. It was still a little crispy this morning, but it was soft enough to set some nice turns, and its only going to get better as it warms up.

Untouched corduroy on Rudi’s

If Rudi’s was the appetizer, Buddy’s was the main course. First of all, there is nothing like your first trip to the top of Storm Peak each winter. The sky opened up this morning, and the views across the valley were amazing. The clouds lingering around Sleeping Giant and Buff Pass made for a special feeling up high. Once again, the grooming on Buddy’s was perfect, and with nice smooth landings, you can float all the little rollers on the way down (just make sure no one is downhill from you first).


After a few laps from the top, I decided to finish my day off with our most famous groomer, Heavenly Daze. Maybe it’s just the excitement from the mountain opening, or maybe it’s just the great coverage, but I can’t remember the last time the Daze was so smooth this early. The conditions were perfect for deep carves all the way across the slope with perfect views of the valley.

Carving up Heavenly Daze

All in all, we have plenty to be thankful for out there. Sure, we would all love 4 feet of fresh powder to start the season, but I will take top to bottom riding and magical views any day. So get out there and work up an appetite!

Happy Thanksgiving


Dan Tullos, snowboarder

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