A beautiful abundance of powdery snowflakes dressed Steamboat Resort from top to bottom Wednesday morning on what I will go ahead and refer to as the best powder day of the 2021-2022 ski season. With 16 inches at the summit and 10 inches at mid-mountain (all falling since the mountain closed on Tuesday), and more snow continuing to fall throughout the day, it was and still is most certainly a powder day in the ‘boat!

It’s a powder day in the ‘boat! Smiles abound as locals are starting their day in downtown Steamboat Springs.
Expect snow piled high on your goggles today – it’s a powder day in the ‘boat! Check out these goggles in Gondola Square that give you a glimpse of future plans at Steamboat’s base area.

If you called the 5 A.M. snow report this morning, you heard a very excited voice reporting that it’s a powder day in the ‘boat! That voice was my husband, and despite the fact that he is currently undergoing knee surgery as I write this blog, even he was excited to at least see the snow fall by the feet in Steamboat.

Powder turns in Closets are some of the best that you can find on the mountain!

March can often bring significant moisture to Steamboat, but given that we’re approaching spring, sometimes the powder isn’t as light and fluffy as we would like for it to be. However, that was not the case today. Champagne powder® dressed the slopes by the feet and my, oh my did it feel great be on my snowboard!

Deep! I actually had to lift my board up so you could even see it, otherwise, it was completely buried under 16+ inches of light and fluffy champagne powder®!

Early turns on designated slopes were great, turns in the trees were great, really just about anything relative to the mountain was great, fantastic, amazing, incredible, exceptional, phenomenal, epic, etc. Whatever positive adjective floats your boat, that was Steamboat Resort today. As the snow is continuing to fall throughout the day and into tonight, Thursday morning will likely be another great morning on the mountain – perhaps not as deep, but should offer better visibility as the snow starts to clear.

Steamboat has some amazing tree runs, especially on a powder day. Just make sure to steer clear of the tree wells that can be much deeper than you anticipate.

With spring right around the corner, this snowfall is exactly what Steamboat Resort needed to freshen things up and deepen the base. 16 inches fell at the summit by 5 A.M., and more snowflakes continued to dump from the skies until the mountain opened, so it was deep up there, I mean really, really deep.

The two-thirty trees are some of my favorite with a mix of aspens and pines alike.

As a snowboarder, powder turns reenergize the soul, but there are a few things to consider when riding in deep powder. On days like today, pick steeper terrain so you don’t find yourself stuck on a flatter slope. The trees are always a favorite, but make sure to keep your board under control as trees always seem to win the battle when it comes to snowboarders versus trees.

The summit of Sunshine Peak had no sunshine but tons of snow Wednesday morning!

And today, with the incredible champagne powder® that Steamboat is famous for, just remember that you can find those firm bumps underneath the light and fluffy fresh snow, so always ride in an active stance (while also keeping more weight on your back leg) so you can absorb that unexpected impact, should you encounter it. And most importantly, when there is deep powder, get out there and ride it!

Snow on the ground, snow in the air, snowflakes whirling around everywhere!

Ski and ride with care and have a great day on the mountain!

Happy powder day in the ‘boat!

Erin Campbell, Snowboarder & Alpine Skier

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