I ski the same skis everyday, no matter the conditions, no matter my legs, no matter the season.  I am a Rossignol S7 devotee, and have been on mine for 5 years, same pair.  I love them because they ski great on all aspects, all snow types.  They hold a solid predictable edge on groomers even though they are intended as a deeper snow ski, and on all the lucky big snow days, they are a total dream. 

Demo skis
I went out side my comfort zone
and tried some new skis. You’re welcome.

Holley down at Sheraton Ski and Sport  at the base area got me set up on some Elan Amphibios.  Apparently, they are one of the hot new jams in skis.   They have a specific right and left ski, so if you’re anything like me, that is its own challenge.   I get confused – I mean, I can make an L with both hands so which one is left?  Luckily they have some handy graphics that make them a bit more user friendly for directionally challenged folks like myself.  The reason for specific right and left is that the inside edge has camber (a cut to the ski that is great for initiating and maintaining smooth, carvy turns) and the outside edge has rocker (which is great for bouncy playful turns in deep snow).  Holley told me they’d be just the thing on a fast groomer day. 

I am not a ski technology geek – as I said, in love with and fully committed to my 5-year-old powder skis – but she was so right!  Lo and behold fat skis aren’t the best option for cruising packed runs!  I can’t tell you that the angle of the camber and the length of the ski affected my turn radius and the relative angle of my knees to the slope … is that even what ski geeks talk about?  But they were fast and super grippy.  I felt like I could channel my inner PSIA ski instructor, carving balanced, smooth and fully linked turns.  This was a feat for me given the low light today and my lack of high performance goggles (yes I am also committed to my 5-year-old scratched up medium light gogs – for no good reason other than laziness and thriftiness) and my wobbly legs and my bad early season habits.  Even though I can’t tell you why exactly, the skis were super fun and actually made me feel like a better skier 95% of the time. I must admit I had a few turns on Cyclone that were less than pretty – some wandering left legs – but those moments are good teachers, too, and I always love to learn about my weaknesses in skiing.   So next time you’re on the hill stop into the shop and try some demo skis.  You don’t have to own the quiver, but it sure is fun to work your way through the options!

So there’s my Wednesday morning: super fun fast turns, carvy new boards to try, runs all to myself, cup of coffee with lots of cream and I’m off.  Just another day livin’ the dream. 

Ski lodge

Ali Givnish, Alpine skier

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