Spring is in the Air!

Warm weather and cold nights means for the varying conditions. Don’t let the crust and crunch deter you from enjoying the spring skiing. It can be overwhelming and definitely not our most favorite conditions. Don’t lose heart! There is a very enticing aspect about spring skiing.

Here are a few ways to better your day on the slopes:

-Make sure your skis are tuned and ready!

-If you are eager to get up on the slopes, try to stay above the lower mountain where the freeze/thaw cycle is more pronounced.

-Look for runs that are more north facing as opposed to southern exposure. These runs will maintain softer snow conditions.

– As the day progresses and warms up, the snow will thaw and allow for softer conditions.

-Moguls are just better when they are slushy!

Finally, whether you enjoy the spring powder or crust make sure you are prepared for the elements.